Vävrundan in Sjuhärad 2024

Thank you to all of you who took part in Vävrundan in Sjuhärad 2024. We hope you had nice meetings and experiences along the route you chose.

Vävrundan is back, inviting you to days filled with the art and culture of weaving! From May 9-11, 2024, a new and exciting edition unfolds to showcase weaving, its rich history, and strong traditions.

Organized by the International Weaving Center, Vävrundan is an opportunity to travel around and visit studios, galleries and shops united by the theme of weaving. The old cotton mill in Rydal serves as the central hub for Vävrundan, hosting lectures and exhibitors.

A new addition this year is a collaboration with the Ulricehamn municipality, featuring the exhibition "Weaving in Sjuhärad" and exhibitors at the Rådhuset in Ulricehamn.

Traditionally celebrated on Saturday in Kinna, the Weaver's Day includes events like an exhibition of the Marbo folk costume at the library, and the Förläggargårdar association organizes a bus tour  based on the local history of weaving and the textile industry.

"The goal of Vävrundan is to highlight weaving, its history, and also showcase the modern side of weaving," says Rolf Danielsson, who is working on this year's Vävrunda. By presenting contemporary artists, craftspeople, and artisans and their works, Vävrundan offers insight into how weaving continues to evolve and inspire. Vävrundan is a meeting place for everyone—whether you are an experienced weaver, a curious beginner, or simply interested in learning more.

Arranger: Föreningen Internationellt Vävcenter – Sjuhärad
Website: https://weavingcenter.se
Email: info@weavingcenter.se
Facebook: Vävrundan i Sjuhärad
Instagram: vavrundanisjuharad