Today we collaborate with different educational institutions like Universities, Study Associations and different non-profit organizations. Read more below.

We will offer both practical and theoretical courses. The ambition is to start a weaving teacher training course and contribute to knowledge to the handweavers and textile industry staff. Learn more about what we already do.
Our project, Weaving Culture 2.0 – A Meeting place in Sjuhärad, intends to develop a business and an action plan to enable the increase of competence enhancing skills in the long term. The association wants to create a platform that manages training, workshops and courses in various forms of weaving and textiles, which then can become an evolving and creative meeting place in Sjuhärad. For more information please visit Leader Sjuhärad's website.

Some time has passed into our projekt finansed by Leader Sjuhärad and the sent questionnaires have now been collated to reveal what we can offer for courses and training programs in the future. You can still take part; we are always interested in the thoughts there are behind future weaving; one intangible heritage we do not want to loose, by sending a request to our; e-mail.

Our Studio

Our association has received funding from Föreningssparbanken i SJuhärad so that we can begin to work on our future weaving studio in Rydal. The studio will house different forms of weaving courses and workshops. Here groups and individuals will be able to develop and aquire new skills. To date we have received a number of looms and other materials to set up in our studio. Those of you who want to be a part of our setting up team do not hesitate to contact Ana-Karin or Helena through our contact form on the website.

Now we are up and running and our Studio is starting to take shape. On Monday 5 October, several looms came up. Feel free to watch our film.

On October 17th, a seminar was held at Borås Textilmuseum where selected actors were invited. The theme was based on that we today believe that a need exists for weaving courses and upper weaving education. This half-day would generate ideas and provide inspiration for the future, together with universities, associations, folk high schools and other interested weaving enthusiasts, so a solid educational program can be put toghether.